We are proudly hosting the "Survivor Chronicles" on our website. We are also promoting the stories of every survivor submission on our ALL NEW, 3rd Certified Amazon Alexa Skill: Communities We Love On Skill. 

Seanna Smallwood, CEO of both organizations started the Communities We Love On Playlist in July of 2018, just after publishing her second book. Her dedication to the mission is what drives the voice behind YOUR story. 

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Share Your Story: This is a Google Form programmed to share your entry on our Communities We Love On Amazon Alexa Skill. You have the option to remain completely anonymous with us and on the skill. IMPORTANT: When completing your form, do not add paragraph spaces, Alexa doesn't understand them. 

Donate to Communities: This is button is a link to PayPal registered to the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Communities We Love On. Your donation is tax deductible. Use this link to learn more about your donation. Thank you for your support! 

Enable Our Alexa Skills: This button is a link to the Amazon Alexa Skills search results for "Real Estate 1 Stop Shop" where all three skills can be found, reviewed and enabled. This is where the REAL FUN begins. Go ahead, test them out! Don't forget to leave a review!