I am passionate about life and jump out of bed early every single day with excitement about what they day will bring. I am high energy, high vibes, empathetic, and compassionate about less fortunate people, especially children.


I’ve started several small businesses and although I’m seeking to make positive changes, I have always had a natural talent for marketing strategies and sales. I’ve been in the real estate and mortgage business for three decades. I would truly enjoy the opportunity to use my knowledge, skills, and abilities in this space while earning a stable income that continues to grow.


I am exploring open opportunities that might be available to me within the real estate, mortgage, or title industries. I reside in Southern Maryland with my two daughters; however, for the right opportunity, I will consider transfers to any U.S State on the East Coast. 


I am an effective listener with a win/win dialogue and mentality; and therefore, I am confident I will prove to be an asset to any organization or team for which there is opportunity for teamwork and collaboration. Here is a link to my online bio and resume. Should you find my qualifications and experience is in alignment with an opportunity to join your team, please feel free to contact me.




Seanna S. Smallwood

REALTOR | MLO | Philanthropist

NMLS 1252825 MD & FL

M: 240-695-2907


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PS. It is my daily intention to add value to my relationships. If I can introduce you to any of my connections on LinkedIn, please do ask. It would be my honor, visit my LinkedIn Profile.




Your company might have interest in buying the Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, which includes two Amazon Alexa skills that generates leads and referrals for all things real estate: 

  • Real Estate 1 Stop Shop - Referral Lead Generation for All Things Real Estate

  • Everything Fun - Referral Lead Generation, Community B2B Networking, Social House, Social Networking, Cause Marketing, Fundraising, Nightlife Event Fun - can be custom programmed for anything 'fun'!

I’ve decided to focus a lot of my attention on the nonprofit organization, Communities We Love On, Inc., specifically, on the Docu-Series Reality TV Show, (click here for more information). The corporation, the domain address (been in existence since 2001 and returns on over 100K pages on Google), it’s two patents pending (SEO & VSO for referral leads), the website ( - GoDaddy values domain at over $10K), and the aforementioned Amazon Alexa Skills will be transferred in the sale. The company will be listed for sale at 10% of the $3.9 million valuation, ($390,000) - the professionally suggested quick sale price, (*See Valuation). Proceeds of the sale will seed the 501(c) nonprofit organization, Communities We Love On, Inc., and could potentially provide the buyer with tax exempt receipt reflecting as a donation, (*please check with your tax advisor).

In speaking with Tyler Thompson, Second Century Ventures | REACH Accelerator, Charlie Dawson, Vice President, Engagement, National Association of REALTORS®, and Bob Goldberg, NAR CEO, they’ve all urged me to apply for the NAR REACH program to allow beta testing by REALTOR members and the public at large, (applications open now, time is of the essence). I will gladly stay on board as an advisor for a limited time only, if needed. They are expecting an application for funding and for REACH. This recent article on Newswire shows emerging demand — both patent pending rights protect the buyer of the Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc.


The Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc., is a Florida Corporation in good standing. The company has no debt and no employees. Any debt or vendors associated with building the business to-date, has been take in my own personal name as owner equity investments, (approx. $145K+). To sweeten the deal, if the Purchaser agrees to commit to a net profit donation of at least 2% to the nonprofit organization, Communities We Love On, Inc., the foundation will commit to featuring the Purchaser's brand in branding credits and recognition as the 'official sponsor' for all media relations, including but not limited to, school assembly programs, the Docu-Series Reality TV show, and all ribbon-cutting ceremonies at each DV/VAW transitional housing community made up of fully-furnished Tiny Houses for survivors and their children, nationwide, (please visit the foundation's website for more information).

To provide additional helpful information, I've included some links below so you may learn about the work I've done on all projects to-date. Please feel free to share at your discretion. 

Real Estate 1 Stop Shop

Latest Press Release

Amazon Alexa Skill

iAM Platform | iAMRightAgent | iAMRightMortgage | iAMRealBuyer | iAMRealSeller (Data Matching Platform)

For Businesses (sales networking)

For Consumers (referrals & fun stuff)

Communities We Love On

Latest Press Release

Amazon Alexa Skill



My Resume 

The 'i' of the Tiger TAKE ACTION Educational Program & Leadership Academy Masterclass.


RFP for Media & Entertainment Representation

Should you have interest in a confidential discussion regarding purchasing the business, please contact me.


Warmest regards, 

Seanna S. Smallwood