I am passionate about life and jump out of bed early every single day with excitement about what they day will bring. I am high energy, high vibes, empathetic, and compassionate about less fortunate people, especially children.


I’ve started several small businesses and although I’m seeking to make positive changes, I have always had a natural talent for marketing strategies and sales. I’ve been in the real estate and mortgage business for three decades. I have recently joined City Lending, Inc., and as of day #1, I've been extremely impressed with their workflow automation -- having been exposed to competing mortgage companies, brokers and lenders alike, I can say without prejudice the thorough process from borrower application all the way to Clear to Close is unmatched and I am very impressed to say the least. 

The automated workflow and thoroughness of their operations internally creates a streamlined system for borrowers and REALTOR partners that is in direct alignment with the systems and tools I teach in the R-Squared course platform for Professional Real Estate Development. Click here to learn more. 


I'd love to share more of my experience with you. To spare persons only interested in a summary, I've created a separate link to my more detailed Resume and of course, the Historic Backstory starting in 1988, which has led me here today.  




Seanna S. Smallwood

REALTOR | MLO | Philanthropist

NMLS 1252825 MD & FL

M: 240-695-2907


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PS. It is my daily intention to add value to my relationships. If I can introduce you to any of my connections on LinkedIn, please do ask. It would be my honor, visit my LinkedIn Profile.



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