My professional experience has been isolated to FinTech and IoT full-stack web and application development. One the most valuable assets I bring to any strategic development is the ability to collaboratively dissect a problem and provide foresight on its solution. This unique ability allows for our organization to effectively get in front of the latest and greatest technologies and find resolve for unique challenges. My personal objective is to ensure my work delivers an incredible user-facing experience!



Computer Programming Experience:

Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc.

July 2019 - Current

Chief Technology Officer


Joined the team in July of 2019 bringing a conglomerate of experience in full stack programming and big data architecture. His background includes COBOL II, CICS, SQL, UNIX, and a wide range of hardware & software tech skills. Wes' decision to take on the role as CTO has been a gamechanger for the team. Since joining our team, I have successfully programmed our custom AWS Certified Amazon Alexa Skill to allow us to realize and deploy our patented Voice Search Optimization (VSO) technology. I am a member of the Board of Directors for Communities We Love On, Inc. as Vice President and volunteer my time and experience to design the DV/VAW engagement platform, ensuring HIPAA security and Federal Regulatory Compliance for collecting survivor reporting data and delivering resources to constituents. I am responsible for Federal Regulations regarding the secure collection and storage of victim/survivor data and assisting in effectuating justice. 

Navy Federal - Vienna, VA

February 2007 to December 2015

Senior Systems Analyst


Handled the tasks of developing and maintaining information software and systems. Provided service to customers regarding the usage of information systems. Assisted system analyst professionals in designing and maintaining information systems. Handled the tasks of providing recommendations on various solutions like built, purchase and open source alternatives. Responsible for conducting training for end-users in the use of various software applications. Responsible for training and mentoring junior lever programmer analyst. Duties also included to write technical specifications for software. Worked with quality assurance to set up test case scenarios. Also assisted when needed to code and develop software. Provided maintenance of existing software and development of new software on COBOL and CICS using DB2, CICS, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF.Wrote new COBOL & CICS programs per user requests and performed maintenance on existing batch & on-line programs Prepared both test and production PROC's and JCL's.


Wolpoff & Abramson - Rockville, MD

July 2000 to February 2007


Programmer/analyst for major debt collection law firm with over 200 clients. Provided development

and support for inhouse collection system as will as nationwide attorney network for sharing of debt

information. Provided maintenance of existing software and development of new software on COBOL and CICS

using DB2, CICS, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF.Wrote new COBOL & CICS programs per user requests and performed maintenance on existing batch & on-line programs Prepared both test and production PROC's and JCL's. Tasked with the responsibility of being lead IT contact within company for all major clients and customers. Excellent Communication, Inter-Personal and Negotiation Skills. Analyzed, designed and coded additional functionalities for batch and online programs documented program changes with reports and flowcharts Participated in unit, system, integration and QA tests. Tasked with the lead responsibility of developing interfacing software with third party products used to enhance the overall quality of the company's product.

Mckesson HBOC - Rockville, MD

January 1999 to March 2000


Provided programming support for development and maintenance of new and existing software/programs in the AMISYS 3000 product. Also required to communicate technical information to less experienced programmers and client contacts. Development and maintenance was done on an HP3000 platform using COBOL, COGNOS PowerHouse and QUICK.

Litton/PRC Inc - Alexandria, VA

April 1997 to January 1999


Involved in the analysis, software design, development, testing and maintenance of software in the Enlisted Systems Architecture of the U.S. Army's personnel systems. Creating new software and maintaining existing software across its full life cycle is done using COBOL II, CICS, JCL, TSO/ISPF, ROSCOE, Datacom/DB and SQL. 

FinTech & IoT Development Equity Partner:

July 2019 - Current

Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc.

Chief Technology Officer

Communities, Foundations, and Philanthropy:

July 2019 - Current

Communities We Love On, Incorporated

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer 

~ a 501(c)3 Nonprofit

1996 - 2000

Christian Life Center

Gaithersburg, MD

Altar Counselor, Ministries in Training

~ New Believers, Professor

~ In Home Bible Studies, Professor

Member MD/DC Outreach Group



Computer Learning Center:


Certificate in Computer Programming

October 1995 to January 1997



Languages: COBOL II, CICS, JCL, SQL, PROGENI, UNIX, Shell scripting, WFL, COGNOS PowerHouse, QUICK

Hardware & Software: TSO/ISPF, CA/DATACOM, IBM MVS/XA, IBM 3090/400, HP3000, UNISYS A-series, UNIX. 

Built and implemented successful risk score system based off credit history to determine loan approvals. Built and implemented successful charge off system for accounts that were in collection. Built and implemented successful bankruptcy system to properly mark accounts to ensure collection practices were in compliance with Federal Bankruptcy Laws. Built and implemented computer-assisted collection system to further automate the collection process on accounts in collections. Built with integrity is the common-denominator for each of these game-changing systems. Each have allowed organizations to successfully:  


  • Collections and recoveries

  • Loan originations

  • Servicing and customer management

  • Marketing and customer acquisition

  • Legal compliance




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