My professional experience has been deeply rooted in the fields of residential real estate and mortgage finance. The skill-level associated with a successful real estate career has not even closely touched the level of skill or passion I possess with helping others, motivating productivity, psychology and human services, or business development and marketing. The objective is to help people heal and learn how to love themselves to the deepest point of enlightenment & empowerment – the point when they realize their abundance is right in front of them and all they had to do was believe in themselves!



Real Estate Experience:

April 2001 – Current

REALTOR, Team Leader of The Smallwood Group

Founder of, CEO

As a production-oriented sales person in the real estate field, I’ve worked under various brands of real estate brokerages since becoming licensed in April of 2001. Since 2001, I have successfully closed over $300 million in real estate transactions. I also have extensive experience managing a real estate office to include compliance and regulation, front and back office procedures, and training. I am currently a sales person at Exit Landmark Realty in White Plains, MD. License No: 528572 (MD & FL) (FL license is inactive at this time).

Mortgage Finance Experience:

September 1988 – Current

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator  | National Mortgage Qualifier                                                

As a production-oriented sales person in the mortgage loan origination field, I’ve worked under various mortgage lenders and brokers, including direct endorsement lenders. I have mastered the ability to manage the process from loan application to closing on both purchase money and refinance mortgages. I have successfully closed over $50 million in mortgage loans since 2015. I am currently a licensed MLO for First Washington Mortgage in Crofton, MD. License No: NMLS 1252825 (MD & FL).

Marketing & Sales:

April 2001 - Current

Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc.

Ai VP of Marketing & Sales,

CEO/Chief Marketing Officer

Communities, Foundations, and Philanthropy:

January 2019 - Current

Communities We Love On, Incorporated

Founder & CEO

Chief Marketing Officer 

~ a 501(c)3 Nonprofit

March 2011-2013

Will Be D.D. (Designated Driver)

Co-Founder & CEO

~ a 501(c)3 Nonprofit



Walden University, GPA 4.0:


August 2011 – 2013

Bachelor of Science, Psychology (Major)

Bachelor of Arts, Marketing/Business Development (Minor)

With just seven courses to complete both degrees, my objective is to eventually finish school. I’ve successfully completed courses in both arenas to include, but not limited to: Accounting I & II, Business Law I & II, Marketing in a Business Economy, Theories of Psychology, Advanced MS Office, College Math, Criminal Justice, Statistics, Introduction to Addiction Psychology, Psychology as a Social Science, Psychology as a Natural Science, Microeconomics, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Theories of Personality, Data Analysis and Presentation, Influence and Persuasion, and several others.

College of Southern Maryland, (CSM), GPA 3.2: 

August 1994 - 2002

Associates in Business Development

Transferred credits from the College of Southern Maryland to Walden in 2011.




Independent Author:

Self-Published Author, Amazon

Selling real estate and originating loans hasn’t fulfilled me on a personal level. I have a gift for writing and altering the perception of personal experiences in such a way, it transforms and heals people from their traumatic experiences. Through this passion, I have successfully written and published two books since 2013.                                                                                     


Seanna is a proud member of The Purple Purse and has committed to donating 50% of all book sales to the

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence  and has  personally  seeded/funded the National foundation, Communities We Love On, Inc. 

Speaker, Life, Production Coach & YouTube Creator:

May 2018 - Current

Launched a YouTube Channel to create and publish videos that are psychology-based and inspiring to help others overcome success blockages and negative life experiences. Teacher, founder and Podcast Speaker.  The channel includes product demonstrations and video testimonials, as well as, B2B client promotions

Passionate Advocate Against Domestic Violence:

July 2018 - Current

Successfully completed the class and CE requirements for certification in advocacy against domestic violence through the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Active donor to NCADV.




Not limited to the following: Sales and Prospecting, Advanced MS Office, Pivot Tables/Data Analysis and Design, AWS Alexa Certified, Web Development, Marketing Communications & Press Releases, Writing, Website Programming & Design, Desktop Publishing & Design, QuickBooks Accounting, Social Media Marketing, Target Market Strategy, Business Plans (1-5 years), Marketing Plans (1-5 years), Business Forecasts and Startup ProForma, Investor Relations, Data Research, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence Modeling, Demographic Research and Analysis, Database Architecture & Analyst, Facebook for Business, Professional Writing, Typing Speed 90+ wpm, Business Development Tools, Creative Thinking, Negotiations, Procurement, Logistics, Compliance and Law, Contract Law, Contract Management, Program Development, Program Management, Public Relations/Media Relations, Office Automation, Wix Developer, Webhooks Integration Expert, Zapier Expert, CRM Design and Maintenance, Google Analytics, Master Holistic Therapies, John Maxwell Team Public Speaker and Trainer, and Nonprofit Foundation Program Fundraising.




  • 2001 Founder of

  • Member of the National Association of REALTORS

  • Member of the Maryland Association of REALTORS

  • Member of the Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS

  • Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (NMLS 1252825)

  • 2017 Promoted to Branch Manager– First Washington Mortgage, LLC

  • 2005 Real Estate Broker’s Class

  • 2006 Floyd Wickman Master Sales Associate

  • 2001 SMAR Bronze Award

  • 2002 SMAR Platinum Award

  • 2003 SMAR Diamond Award

  • 2004 SMAR Diamond Award

  • 2004 National Century 21 Centurion Award

  • 2004 Century 21 H.T. Brown – Top Agent

  • 2005 SMAR Hall of Fame 2005 SMAR Diamond Award

  • 2005 National Century 21 Centurion Award

  • 2005 Century 21 H.T. Brown – Top Listing Agent

  • 2006 SMAR Diamond Award

  • 2006 National Century 21 Centurion Award

  • 2006 Century 21 H.T. Brown – Top Listing Agent

  • 2007 SMAR Diamond Award

  • 2007 National Century 21 Centurion Award

  • 2007 Century 21 H.T. Brown – Top Listing Agent

  • 2008 SMAR Diamond Award

  • 2009 to 2016 – I didn’t apply for SMAR Awards & put my license on hold due to my position as Branch Manager with Realty World Preferred Properties (not producing)

  • 2014 Became licensed NMLS 1252825 Mortgage Loan Origination Affiliation

  • 2017 SMAR Platinum Award

  • 2018 SMAR Bronze Award

  • 2018 Exit Landmark Realty #4 Listing Agent

  • 2019 Communities We Love On - CEO/Founder


This is where my Life Purpose, Values, and Intentions meet my Businesses...


As if that wasn’t enough… in 2018 Re-Launched, Re-Branded – and took it Nationally. I am required to take countless CE classes every two years for both real estate and mortgage licenses. I’ve undergone FBI Federal Background checks and fingerprinting for multiple states as required by licensing authorities. I’ve been a licensed real estate salesperson and a member in Good Standing of the National Association of REALTORS, the Maryland Association of REALTORS, and the Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS since April, 2001. In 2015, I passed the National NMLS Mortgage Loan Originators testing (and on the 1st try!) and passed the required background investigations for Maryland and Virginia, and secured an approved NMLS License (1252825) at that time. In 2018, I passed the FBI background and fingerprinting as required and received a Florida Real Estate Salesperson license while simultaneously passing the FBI accrediting for NMLS licensing requirements for the State of Florida. 


As a survivor of domestic abuse with a history of family cycles of subconscious programming, in early 2019, I personally founded and have been personally funding a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Communities We Love On, Incorporated.

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