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Who benefits from this course? 

  • Licensed REALTORS

 (regardless of length of time in business)

  • Mortgage Loan Officers

(regardless of length of tie in business) 

  • Consumers, Neighborhoods

 (regardless of  whether or not they are currently in the market to buy or sell a home)

  • All Ancillary Services

(Home Inspectors, HVAC Contractors, Title Representatives, Residential Real Estate Appraisers, Roofing Contractors, Termite/Pest Inspectors, Well & Septic Inspectors, Mold Testing & Remediation Service Providers, all real estate ancillary services.)

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REALTOR-Squared | Module 1, Lessons 1 through 5

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What do you need to know about Real Estate 1 Stop Shop? 

  • Real Estate 1 Stop Shop - Referral Lead Generation for All Things Real Estate

Real Estate 1 Stop Shop

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