Survivor Chronicles, the voice for victims of DV/VAW, child abuse, teen dating violence, and ...

... all other forms of abuse, sponsored by Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc.

And the best part is...

The SECOND a business signs up for a subscription to their EPIC lead generation 7 P's of marketing platform, three MIRACLES happen:

  1. They start BRAGGING all over social media about their new client;

  2. The business is IMMEDIATELY branded as a GLOBAL supporter in the fight to stop domestic violence, teen dating violence, sex trafficking, and child abuse via their foundation, Communities We Love On Incorporated; and,

  3. The nonprofit organization is funded via 25% of the subscription - EVERY MONTH.

You just never know when a child is being kept silent, when a mother can’t leave an abuser for fear of losing life, or what other sources of coercive power and control a perpetrator is using to keep their victim and innocent children in a state of silence.

Read the Full Media Release on the Amazon Alexa Skill ~ the VOICE for survivors.

Want to know how to get in the game? Request more information... just click below.

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