My City Scavenger Hunt


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Game Code: M463LX

Meet new people, promote local businesses,


1ST PLACE $1000

2ND PLACE $ 500

3RD PLACE $250

Individual Player Bonuses Available for 2+ New Businesses Signups

Per Game Payout (every 30 days) | Teams Split Cash |

Cash Prizes Increase based on # of Players on each Team

The Real Estate 1 Stop Shop sponsors promotions for our clients as we build the platform to drastically improve the consumer experience. When we promote our business, our clients also mutually benefit. 

That's why we've created a way for everyone to GET IN THE GAME of networking and working that sphere of influence and have incentivized the general public to have some fun doing what we do best - Marketing. As we grow WITH our clients across the USA, we add more missions to their target markets. 

Mission Types_edited.png

Once you've downloaded the app, choose from one of our three teams: 

  • Team Nightlife: This team is great for singles, band members, musicians, and bartenders, bar owners, and pretty much anyone that mingles in the night.

  • Team Trending: This team is set up for the "Housewives of the Big City" as it creates a fun and creative way to get to know others in the town. From time to time, we'll post a Mission for obtaining the "Scoop" on some TMZ kinda scoop near you. Be on this team if you think you've got the #tea! 

  • Team Real Estate: This is a team designed for promoting real estate listings, mortgage companies, title companies, and promo videos for ensuring these team members are guaranteed to be known 'round town! 

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