How are we able to be the Ai VP of Marketing for all SIC codes while simultaneously fundraising for  a Nonprofit? 

We’ll show you a lil snapshot of how we are the AI VP of Marketing ... follow these 7 steps:

STEP 1: Schedule an appointment with the Sales Team using this Link. Make sure you answer the questions.


STEP 2: Using your elevator sales pitch, make a sentence using our Buzz Box entry. 

 ** Whatever you said in Step 2 above is automatically blasted to our Facebook Business Page, our Twitter, the Real Estate 1 Stop Shop LinkedIn business page ... AND is Announced LIVE on our TWO Amazon Alexa Skills (which cross sell each other).

STEP 3: Go to your Mobile App Store and Download the GooseChase App. Click here for Quick Access. Enter Game Code: M463LX & Sign up for 1 of our 3 Scavenger Hunt teams:


  1. TEAM Trending

  2. TEAM Nightlife

  3. TEAM Real Estate


STEP 4: Repeat Step 2 to announce that you used Game Code M463LX and signed up for {INSERT TEAM NAME}. Use Hashtag #MyCityScavengerHunts #RealEstate1StopShop #EverythingFun


STEP 5: Go to the Social Posts & SHARE all mentions of your company/your entries to YOUR OWN social media accounts.


STEP 6: Complete your 1st Mission and Submit it. *Check out our Cool Missions!


STEP 7: Repeat Step 2 to announce that you’ve completed your 1st Mission & RECRUIT your Entire Sphere of Influence, friends, family, and clients to join YOUR team. HAVE A BLAST, improve your professional relationships, & Network WHILE YOU WORK!


~ Now you’ve just DRASTICALLY IMPROVED your relationships by helping THEIR business grow, your friends & family instantly become your referral partners, get to meet new people & make new connections WHILE HELPING YOUR BUSINESS GROW, you are also simultaneously fundraising for our foundation, Communities We Love On (@CWLO_DV_DV) ~ a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization that provides support to Adults & Children survivors of DV/VAW, Teen Dating Violence, Sex Trafficking, and Child Abuse!


~ Every time someone on your GooseChase Team submits a new Mission, the entire Social Media BLAST cycle repeats again.


~ Exclusive to our Clients:

  1. Every time a User in your target markets invokes the Skill and speaks/Utters the Keywords we custom build in for your branded products/services, an email is sent to you for immediate lead follow up - which also gives you the opportunity to generate interested leads for the businesses you refer to, but it also sends out IT Team a copy of the email ... and guess what we do?? YEP! We repeat STEP 2!

  2. National PR Web | NEWS WIRE | CISION Press Releases go out naming your brand, shows the public how to find you with an embedded our YouTube video demo of their skill, a link to your website, your keywords, and Brands your business for local Cause Marketing with the CWLO Fundraisers. See Sample here:

  3. Exclusive First Come, First Serve geographic coverage for your target market!

  4. Your own personal family fun, date nights, and random sports bar & Nightlife activities becomes your strongest prospecting & Philanthropy tools - as when you get your favorite places in town to sponsor a fundraiser for the CWLO foundation ~ all of your favorite HOT SPOTS, bars and restaurants are given a FREE BRANDED Skill inside “Everything Fun” which promotes only the gigs/events at their establishment and has ENTERTAINMENT FUN built in with a branded to their bar - (age 18+) Truth or Dare game!

  5. ... and so much more (this explanation is long enough!) haha!


Here’s a link to our website. Poke around a bit!

Now do you see why we call our business the AI VP of Marketing?



Geesh, you Still need to learn more??? Fine, ~ REPEAT STEP 1

~~~ We digress and yes, we still LOVE you!