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We fill the role of Ai VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development in an outside of the [box] Artificially Intelligent capacity for forward-thinking business, in their exclusive target markets.

This vendor contractor relationship is on a 1099 basis and is exclusive for your specific target market(s).  Once we've filled your specific service in a zip code, the zip code availability is closed. We provide the following deliverables: 


  • Generate high quality, qualified leads, on-demand;

  • Deliver higher rankings on Google using SEO & Amazon Alexa using VSO, (our patent-pending voice search optimization technology using voice interface devices such as, Alexa and Google Assistant);

  • Build voice scripts with your branded FAQ’s;

  • Create automatic, consumer-facing referral partners (a) in your local target market(s) and (b) National referral captures for local placement with you the brand;

  • Create automatic referral partners (a) in your local target market(s) and (b) National referral captures for local placement with your brand; 

  • Create a custom, built-in Ai CRM and workflow communications automation for the local sales teams. 


The Ai VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development effectively demonstrates the 7-P’s of Marketing for VUI technology to create massive exposure and economies of scale advantage with local market exclusivity. 

We generate quality leads for your company, custom build the pre-qualifying criteria for those leads, achieve higher rankings for SEO & VSO (VSO = Voice Search Optimization), answer your Brand FAQ’s, engage and nurture new referral partners with our built-in AI CRM, and build a custom script to generate referrals for your target market. 


... starting at just $89/mo

Every client receives the following leveraged, exclusive services with their monthly subscription: 

  • Consumer “touches” using our built in CRM with SMS and Email;

  • Custom API’s to provide premium content to your prospects, ON-DEMAND;

  • Automated marketing system (both B2B/Alliance facing & consumer facing modules); 

  • Web-based sales cycle/transaction management platform with automatic referral partners in your exclusive, subscription-based targeted market(s); 

  • Creative brand awareness strategy using GooseChase (TM) Real Estate 1 Stop Shop Scavenger Hunt missions to promote our Amazon Alexa Skill and featured business clients using our fun, unique incentivized teams; 

  • Amazon Alexa consoles are in the homes of half of all US households, (https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/08/voice-enabled-smart-speakers-to-reach-55-of-u-s-households-by-2022-says-report/ [Source __title__ TechCrunch]); 

  • Tech services, such as, high tech, professionally edited promotional videos recorded remotely from anywhere in the USA and the Referral Partners these services create for your business;

  • Co-marketing with members of the National Association REALTORS (NAR brand); 

  • Cause Marketing and Philanthropy with recognition as a contributor to our nonprofit foundation

  • SEO keywords for your services on multiple distribution channels with incentives for bloggers, prospects, referral partners, the consumer-at-large, and local businesses to make viral. 

And guess what else? This is odd & new! 

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