What is Creative Content?

How does our Ai Platform help your business reach the end-goal?

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Being creative in your marketing and sales strategies could make or break the effectiveness of your entire marketing plan. We provide our clients with the ability to put their products & services in front of consumers at the exact moment they want the service, in the location they want it, position them as the most convenient, and highly reputable, increase visibility, and provide unique promotions to create interest among users. 

How? We promote a mutually leveraged platform by ...  

Adding humor to our voice content & interaction to give your brand a personality and increase brand loyalty;


Including our clients in our GooseChase MyCity Scavenger Hunt missions;

We incentivize consumers to promote your business services in their location;

We incentivize the public to network for and with our clients in a fun way; 

(CAUTION: We add FUN to your marketing mix!)

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