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ONE of the most basic concepts in human psychology, a concept that seemingly only adult victims of child abuse can even comprehend, which is grossly and collectively misunderstood by society and related child welfare systems (including the justice system and human services), is this single most Important FACT: 

Child Abuse is Unrecognized by the Victim.


Behavior is LEARNED. Abuse is LEARNED.

A child is both consciously and unconsciously UNAWARE of the fact they are currently being abused or were ever abused, until such a point in life where the victim can cognitively recognize a comparison. It is both physically and psychologically IMPOSSIBLE for a victim of child abuse, regardless of their current age, to have ever known their childhood experiences could possibly be defined as Abuse without the ability to compare and contrast their own experiences. 



These survivors deserve JUSTICE and we all know but have trouble admitting the problem is that we are not listening... victim blaming, bystanders of abuse, and well, the entire system is designed to support the PERPETRATOR ~ leaving the victim and their children in complete financial duress and in emotional shackles. The lack of loving support & guidance in childhood among abused children statistically lead now adult victims of child abuse down the road to poverty, crime, stuck inside cycles of victimization, deeply codependent, carry low self-esteem, typically suffer from psychological disorders, and financially dependent on the U.S. Welfare system. 

4 Major Types of Child Abuse

Types of child abuse are broken down in four distinct categories:


Types of Abuse

There are several different types of abuse recognized. Forms of abuse include:

  • Emotional abuse aka Psychological abuse – this type of abuse is likely the most common. Emotional abuse consists of any behavior designed to hurt another person emotionally. Psychological abuse includes yelling, threats, shaming, humiliation and shaming, among other tactics.

  • Financial abuse – this type of abuse is often seen alongside other forms of abuse. Financial abuse is when one person restricts access to money from another. This type of abuse includes actions like cutting off access to bank accounts, controlling where someone is allowed to work and preventing access to financial information.

  • Physical abuse – this form of abuse shows the most outward signs. Physical abuse is also known as domestic abuse or domestic violence when it occurs within intimate relationships. Physical abuse is any physical act or threat of a physical act designed to harm another person physically. This type of abuse includes actions like slapping, punching, hair-pulling and kicking. Physical evidence such as bruises need not exist for the act to be physical abuse.

  • Sexual abuse – this type of abuse is often perpetrated against women although men can be victims of sexual abuse too. Sexual abuse includes any unwanted sexual act forced on the victim. This form of abuse is also often known as sexual assault or rape. Sexual abuse can include anything from unwanted touching to forced intercourse or forced sexual contact with another person.

  • Verbal abuse – verbal abuse is generally a form of psychological abuse. This type of abuse occurs when an abuser uses words and body language with the intent to hurt another person. Verbal abuse includes put-downs, name-calling, and unreasonable criticisms.

  • Elder abuse – this type of abuse happens between an elder and another person, typically younger, such as the elder’s child. Elder abuse consists of other forms of abuse perpetrated against an elder. This form of abuse often consists of financial, emotional and even physical abuse.

  • Spiritual abuse – spiritual abuse revolves around a person’s spirituality or religion. This type of abuse includes attacking another’s belief system, denying access to a house of worship or forced participation in a cult.

(Types of Abuse. Healthy Place, Retrieved on November 14, 2019.)


We are building our YouTube Channel to include a playlist of LIVE interviews with adult victims of domestic violence to capture their story and be their VOICE. The live interviews will maintain anonymity for survivors and will replay audio tracks from various clips on the Communities We Love On Amazon Alexa Skill

#MeToo #EmpoweredVoice #DVVAW #Justice 


We are building micro-PUDS with Tiny Houses for transitional housing, youth groups, healing methodologies, and workforce training.

We are launching with the Superintendents of every school district in the USA, an assembly for adolescents that spread awareness of what abuse actually is, and how it smells, looks, and feels. 

Please visit the Communities We Love On website for more information.

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