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Fact: Victims of child abuse do not know they are being abused.

It is impossible for children to be consciously aware they are being abused until such a time when they are able to make a comparison of the social norm - external to their environment and bring traumatic experiences to their conscious awareness. This typically does not happen until the child becomes an adult. Unfortunately, the victim is typically already well into their thirties with decades of traumatic experiences on the cycle before they awaken to this reality.

Communities We Love On, Inc., a 501(c)3 public nonprofit organization has made it clear their objective mission is to #BreaktheCycle within the family unit by strategically effectuating a paradigm shift among children aged 12 to 18, by bringing the ability to compare their own situations with the social norm earlier in life.

The organization has developed and launched the 1st educational program of its kind, “The ‘i’ of the Tiger TAKE ACTION Assembly” and currently accepting bookings for the 2020-21 Academic School Year. In addition to the Kick-Off assembly, the program also provides students with an opportunity to secure sponsors in their community and enroll in the Leadership Academy Masterclass, an after-hours club designed to foster leadership in their community. The Leadership Academy allows students to achieve specific milestones and be honored with the “Leadership Ambassador” crown for progressive school years. Eligible high school graduates who have successfully earned progressive awards will receive awards, such as, scholarships, letters of recommendations for their college applications, and other prizes.

Both programs are designed to bring conscious awareness of abusive family cycles that impact physical, emotional, and mental development and health in students and faculty members. Students will learn the impact on behavior, interpersonal relationships, identify shifts in personal beliefs and values, and how vicarious (trauma witness) trauma affects academic performance.


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