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1st Band Winners TBA


March 2020

Winners receive exposure in the following key promotions: 

  • Mentioned in a National Press Release with Web/Social backlink

  • Our Amazon Alexa Skills: Real Estate 1 Stop Shop & Everything Fun

  • Original Artists Only: 1 MP3 Track Played Regularly on Alexa LIVE for 30 days proceeding win announcement

  • Every Hot Spot/Bar/Restaurant Mentioned in your Vote Entries receives a FREE Custom Truth or Dare Skill for their establishment! (*Restrictions may apply)

  • Social Media Blasts

  • Professionally Edited Video Promotion (up to 3 minutes)

  • Exclusive MyCity Scavenger Hunt Mission of your choice!

  • Band Merch sales custom built into our Everything Fun Alexa Skill (*conditions apply, inquire within)

  • Band mention for inclusion in our fun Truth or Dare game! 

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