The idea that began nearly three decades ago was to create a platform (just web-based at the time), where consumers could go to get information and services for everything they would ever need to buy, sell, finance, maintain, and even send referrals for all things real estate, in one single, convenient location (a website). Today, we've evolved with our commitment to provide the consumer with an easy to use, single go-to platform to programming all things real estate for the Voice User, as well. That's why we are crossing our web platform over to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Android & iOS devices, and moving to a convenient, mind-blowing chat bot! 


We have simplified the process of buying, selling, maintaining, financing, and referring real estate so you don't have to. Real estate has never been so easy! 

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Our CEO & Founder

Seanna Smallwood

Founder & CEO

CEO / Communities We Love On

Seanna re-invented the Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, originally established in 2001. Seanna brings over 30 years of mortgage finance, real estate sales, title, marketing & psychology to the table. She has always been committed to the consumer's experience in a way that has set her apart from competitors in her field. This time 'round she'll double-down with her nonprofit foundation and her Passionate WHY. Seanna brings revolutionary marketing strategy to both the real estate industry and her network of valued referral partners. Seanna is the visionary leader behind our nonprofit foundation, Communities We Love On, Inc. and is currently CEO and President on the Board. 

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