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This company cared so much about the consumer at large, they actually built an entire business around improving upon the consumer experience. The concept of Ai technology & consumer voice engagement for services in localized markets is not only unique with a wow-factor, but this company also has a revenue model that automatically supports the fight against domestic violence, violence against women, teen dating violence, sex / human trafficking, and child abuse.


 Now that's remarkable!

(PS. I would say I'm SOLD, but their services are also free to the consumer.)

our foundation

Our mission is to provide survivors of sex trafficking, teen dating violence, stalking, and DV/VAW victims and their families with a safe, secure way to access National Resources at local levels while assisting in effectuating justice using cross-system collaboration.

We believe family cycles of abuse place young adults on similar paths of destruction as they are consciously unaware of the internal damage from childhood. It's not because they must "like the abuse" - however, it is because they are not aware they were abused as a child and are programmed to believe it's normal - Love is not supposed to hurt

How can a child know if they are being abused if they have no other environments to compare to? 

We are planning to sustain with self-funded initiatives & revenues through a combination of generous philanthropist commitments to include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The acquisition opportunity of a separate entity made contingent upon 10% gross profits of non-real estate related local sales (i.e., tourism, etc.) to be donated to Communities We Love On, Inc.;

  2. Real Estate 1 Stop Shop Alexa Skill users in-skill donations;

  3. Tiny House lot rents as additional income stream; and,

  4. Middle & High School assembly program fees and Summer Camp programs – using AI technology.

Our business clients & REALTOR referral partners Proudly support this mission and understand their dedicated contributions provide services for this cause.

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